Aura Of My Pen

Poor, yet over-delayed salary Unpaid allowances, forgotten arrears No incentives, hard labour Used, abused, misused, disposed Haggard, hungry, gored and bored Bugged, abandoned and overstretched; Service, a blessing or curse?  Sane, sound, sincere and sensitive Diligent, dedicated and delightful Truthful, trusworthy and thoughtful Committed, cautious and courteous Respectful, responsible and reasonable Lively, loyal and law abiding Humble, humane and harmonious Punctual, peaceful and protective Regular, resilient and resourceful What went wrong? No shelter of his own No balanced meal, Unclean water, unsafe environment Not even a bicycle Deteriorating, dwindling and ageing Timid vicinity, crude community Is service a crime? Unpaid…


The muse i can not mute The peaceful rhythm of a joyful soul The purple song of a green spirit Harping with golden sharpers a glorious band O how i feel like a celebrity. Behold the angels of a serene world Unveiling the cloud of melody and harmony, Raising the tune of trumpeters and fluters Hear the timbrel and tambourine The holy orchestra in blue valleys The divine choir and army of mountains What a sensation of great tribute! Windy whispers of pipers in one accord All in unison, i hear their celebration O i feel like a celebrity. Coloured…

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