Cheers to an awesome 2018; we couldn’t have done it without YOU!

Cheers to an awesome 2018; we couldn’t have done it without YOU!

Wrapping presents, dusting off oh so exotic tableware, whipping up the most sumptuous delicacies and igniting long lost friendships (er, let’s not forget dealing with countless inquiries about your love life) – Holidays it is!


The perfect moment to reflect; Looking back over the past year with 2019 already at our doorsteps, we can’t help but say how truly lucky we feel to have such incredibly engaging loyal following. The holiday season won’t be complete without tipping our hats to those who have truly made Duchess International Magazine a success.

A journey which started simply as an outlet to let go of the hurt, embracing soothing daily dose of inspiration instead, has now blossomed into an unstoppable movement;

* An army of relentless individuals dedicated towards becoming better versions of themselves

*An army of enthusiastic individuals spurred on by unbeatable passion to overcome obstacles and make their voices heard in their various fields and beyond

*An army of selfless individuals who embrace individuality, encouraging, showcasing and celebrating each other to achieve set goals, without reserve.

Thank you for being MAGNIFICENT – for choosing to be the calm out there in the midst of burning anger, hatred, violence and chaos –The world needs all the love it can. We literally feel overwhelmed by the massive outpour of love and can’t put to words how grateful we feel.

Once again, thank you for being everly supportive and receptive – Your being here gives us the motivation to forge ahead regardless.

Thank you for being your true, authentic awesome selves! You guys rock!

Cheers to a wonderful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year in advance!


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