The hoax is up! We’re done accepting the lies and false beliefs around money.

Is there a bigger lie that’s pervaded society than that of trading time for money? We were raised and continue to raise our children under the false illusion that studying hard to get a good job where you work your buns off for 70hours each week is the best way to earn a good living.

Hopefully you are awakening out of this horrible nightmare and you’re beginning to see that you or your children will manifest no great wealth, if you continue on that traditional path. As women rise in ambition, in desire and in positions of influence, it should be our core intention to restore things in our world back into the rightful order.

Harmony, well-being, joy and prosperity is supposed to be the norm in our society and life is opening up doors for all women across the globe and giving us a chance to do things differently and alter the future.

What then could be a better place to start than with yourself especially when it comes to your perception of money and how you can produce more of it? We all know that the more we increase in prosperity, the further we can stretch and impact the lives of others. But how are you planning on increasing that income if the best you can conjure up are old conventional methods that still require you to trade time for money?

Your ability to earn money will be limited by time:

No matter how good and valuable you are in your company or business, there’s only so much time you’ve got in your day. We all have 24hours in a day – that’s it! Take to account the fact that we need good sleep, time to eat in peace, attend to our loved ones, take care of our bodies and just be in stillness where we can converse with our divine maker, surely you can see that you will never produce great wealth by trading your time for money.

When you’re trading time for money, your time will always be limited.

It also goes without saying that chasing after money leaves very little room for pursuing your passions or doing self-discovery work. So it really doesn’t matter how much money you can make in an hour, there will always be a ceiling to your prosperity, which means you will never really experience the freedom lifestyle. Prosperous living is about living in the awareness that you are unlimited in all ways including financially.

The question is, how do we stop trading time for money? If we are going to rewrite the codes of success for our children, and ourselves something’s got to change now… Otherwise we shall be sucked into the same evils that have compromised the integrity and desires of hard-working men and women in the past.

If the freedom lifestyle is what you’re set on manifesting, consider getting yourself onto the one sustainable pathway to stop trading time for money. Follow these three things:


  1. Renew Your Mind

My entire work is centered on the renewing of the mind simply because it is the core difference in you actually closing the gap between the desires that burn in your heart and the current reality you experience. The mind is what creates your daily reality; it’s what governs your results and all the other mechanical or strategic details follow second. So the first thing we must do when we desire to thrive and create more time and money freedom is to change our beliefs.

This idea that we can only make money through trading manual labor and time is a deeply ingrained paradigm that will keep your prosperity out of reach. When we drop the mindset that says in order to make money, we have to trade our time for it; our minds open up to new possibilities.

There really is no law that says “ in order to manifest X euros, you must work X hours.” But I bet your little mind will have a hard time believing that for yourself isn’t it?

So the main work for us, is to “unlearn and release” much of the crap that have corroded our connected to the infinite abundance that’s already here.


Start thinking about trading value for money rather than time. Think about the value you can create and share with others to help make their lives better in some way. How can you deliver value? Of course to recognize this needs you to be in a prosperous state of thinking where you can first and foremost truly declare that you are of value and that you’ve got something valuable to give. Can you honestly declare and believe that?


  1. Multiply the value of your time

Not everyone can immediately shift into bold thinking. This is why I created the greenhouse, because I know it takes some time for many of us. While anyone can be a thriving entrepreneur, few are… So whether you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur or provide some kind of professional services for your time, multiply your time by increasing the value of your time. I would suggest aiming for 10X.

So instead of working with 10 clients that are going to pay you €5 per hour, find two clients that will pay you €50 and simply release the rest!

This is of course easier said than done and will require mastery of a few skills but you can learn how to do it quite effortlessly. That’s why you want to surround yourself with individuals who have mastered such skills so that you can rapidly get into the right state and master the necessary skills that enable you to 10X the value of your time. The purpose being to stay focused on serving as best you can the few clients with great excellence so you can be well compensated. That way you’ll be working fewer hours for the same, if not more income which gives you more time to put your energy on other things such as…


  1. Creating Your Own Product

If you stop and think it through for a minute, no one you’ve known has become wealthy and gained financial freedom without having some kind of a product that they were selling. The product didn’t require their physical presence and so they did it 24hrs a day, 7days a week, 365days a year. Whether it’s a big impersonal brand like Nike, Coca cola or a more personal brand like Oprah and Jenifer Lopez, the results prove that producing prosperity is about focusing on a good offer that you can sell and deliver without having to be there.

Now, immediately most women shy off and abandon this idea because of the cost and details involved in creating a product. Well I have good news for you because thanks to our advancing world and the digital economy that’s booming today, creating you product that brings in thousands of euros each month is so simple. And you don’t even need much because the main ingredient is you!

You can create online products that can produce thousands over a few months such as eBooks, training programs, software apps etc. You can also sell physical products online and get into easy partnerships with people who are willing to handle the manufacturing and delivery process.

But the online products are without a doubt the most powerful way for you to create a sustainable income stream. Reason being once you create it once, you can spend the rest of your time just selling and reselling. Yes you will need to improve, tweak and optimize the product but those tasks come later.

What this has meant in my world is that I can freely go on vacations with my daughter, spend more time visiting people I care about and sleep in as much as I want while still serving my customers and earning an income. It is powerful! It’s what every woman who wants to thrive needs to learn immediately. We teach it in my platform in partnership with my business mentors and whether or not you come join us, I hope you will take these three ideas today and start rebuilding yourself so you can manifest more time and money.

With Love,


About Author:


Janette Getui is a lifestyle, leadership and wealth psychology coach. She’s certified as

a personal and business coach, a law of attraction expert and thinking into results
facilitator who’s had the pleasure of being trained and work with some of the biggest
names in the personal development industry such as Bob Proctor. As such, she’s on a
mission to help others awaken to truth because she believes in freedom and
prosperity for all.

As a transformational coach, in-demand speaker, trainer, seminar leader and
breakthrough queen who came from a homeless hostile background, she’s created an
extraordinary story for herself and now shows others how to do the same. Born in
the second largest slum of Kenya, in Africa, she turned around the fate that was
handed to her by rewriting her destiny by progressively creating her rags to riches
story literally from scratch into the successful entrepreneur, thought leader and
proud mother that she is today. Her mission is to help others awaken to Truth about
Life and how this world really works because she believes in freedom and prosperity
for every individual.

She devotes her time-sharing a simple formula that can show you how to make
manifest your version of heaven here on earth and attain a happy, healthy wealthy
and thriving lifestyle. Her work endeavors to help individuals seeking to become
independently wealthy how to integrate material earthly riches with spiritual
richness because that has been her main learning curve without any of the social
criteria that most people have. Having discovered that there is a connecting link that
we can use to build the bridges that connect lasting and holistic materialism with
spiritualism, she wants more people to start enjoying a good quality of life and
greater abundance. Janette believes with great conviction that you can create a new
reality and destiny for yourself and your loved ones regardless of current conditions,
circumstances or environment.

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