An Amazon Clocks The Big 40! Happy Birthday To Our Very Own CEO Duchess Bolaji Odunuga ✨?✨??

Everyday might be special, but some days are more special than the rest.

A Queen Is Born!!

Today we celebrate a true paragon of strength, courage and resilience, a woman of substance, a magnificent woman ever passionate about impacting her world, our very own publisher, Duchess Bolaji Odunuga, CEO Duke and Duchess International Magazines.

Happy 40th Birthday Duchess Bolaji Odunuga

Happy Birthday Duchess Bolaji Odunuga: CEO Duke and Duchess International Magazines

United Kingdom based seasoned Security Analyst, Bolaji Odunuga, a proud alumnus of South Bank University with a degree in Business information Technology, with over a decade wealth of experience in publishing, driven by the need to inspire women from all walks of life aiming to become their very best selves, in 2016 launched Duchess International Magazine, an online and print publication which focuses on the strength and relevance of women.

Inspired by the growing need to expand horizons and reach out to the male folk as well, 2020 saw the birth of Duke International Magazine which lends it lens to the celebration of black Kings.

Before Duchess Bolaji Odunuga’s delve in the publishing space, between 2006 -2013 she worked at Effects International Magazine as an Associate Publisher.

 Happy Birthday Duchess Bolaji Odunuga

Happy 40th Birthday Duchess Bolaji Odunuga: CEO Duke and Duchess International Magazines

From then, till now, it’s been greater heights no doubt!

As you usher in this memorable milestone, a beautiful new chapter unfolding by the minute, we the entire staff of Duke and Duchess International Magazines heartily welcome you Duchess Bolaji Odunuga to a whole new with world of greater accomplishments and unprecedented heights!

Happy Birthday to a Queen reigning supreme and taking the world with her! Salute to a gem!

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