It is a challenging task being a single parent. Motherhood is not only the proverbial hardest job you’ll ever love, as the slogan goes – it is also the hardest job you’ll ever do. Being a mother could be tough especially if you are on your own. You just seem not to have time for friends and family except to work hard to make ends meet and looking after your kids. The world could turn upside down before you and so many temptations could come to one’s mind and only God can help at that point in time. If you find yourself in such situation, never lose hope or give room to depression because it could get to a point where you get fed up with everything and one might contemplate committing suicide or choose to run away leaving the kids.
In spite of what one could be going through in life, one shouldn’t lose faith in God and also one’s power of creativity. It is very pertinent that we should always remind ourselves that there is nothing new under the sun, so many successful people we see today had gone through this before yet they overcame. My advice is that a positive outlook on life should be brought to the fore as this attitude will motivate you into setting goals for yourself .These goals should cut across spiritual, financial, family to mention but few.
Meeting financial goals cast my mind back to the days when l was going through tough times. I found myself alone with three kids in the UK, having no job and the only income was from the government. I had no friends I could share my pain with , i was the only black woman with three black kids in the quiet neighborhood and everything went so bad because there was no one help, no one to talk with. There was a time I almost asked people to call me, to be part of my life because I felt so lonely. Luckily,one afternoon in my lonely world, I was going through my phone and I saw a male friend`s cell number and decided to give him a call. This was a guy pestering me for a relationship previously before i met my husband and hearing that we have been separated gave him an opportunity of relaunching his campaign. So we met at a restaurant and caught up on old times. Unfortunately, he tried to take advantage of my vulnerability and this reminded me of where i was coming from . I had promised myself not to add more mistakes into my life after my separation so I had to let him go.
A week after, I took to YouTube and started listening to Oprah Winfrey and Lisa Nicholls. A proper research on their lives from childhood till this moment was conducted by me, which entailed what their life experiences and how they conquered. And listening to some of their speeches on YouTube made me saw life differently. I derived a lot of value from this decision, everything began to make sense,I started believing in myself. And in this defining moment , I came to the realisation that i am my own rescuer,no one can rescue me from my mess. I had to pick up myself and stop worrying about my failures. There is an urgent need to do something meaningful in my life,I thought.I started volunteering for a hospital a stone’s throw from my house.I could not get a paid job  but i decide to settle for this unpaid job and hoped that a good and professional job would come someday. This step I took helped me to think positively, and helping other people gave me so much joy.Most times i got so broke and had few clothes,and was living from hand to mouth. I believed things will get better ,even if working alone brings so much challenges. At first i was not happy about it ,then I got inspired one day as I watched one of Oprah`s speeches which emphasized that we should be ready to walk alone. She went on to say that,    ” the road to success is narrow and scary and lonely but you have to stand firm and be ready to take risks ‘’.
Work alone if you have to, be creative, develop and improve on your skills, work hard and in no time you will yield a good result. You will success if you believe and work towards it and the world will celebrate you. You are your own rescuer.