#DuchessOfTheMonth Iretioluwa Oba-Okojie: Building Intimacy And Helping Couples Live A Happier Life

By Duchess Magazine

Sex Coach Iretioluwa Oba-Okojie:

What do men want? What do women what?

In today’s modern world where men are validated with sexual prowess/ materialism, the need to PROVE something has wrecked one too much havoc in relationships.

Sex sells – BIG.

In an era where so much information is readily circulating at our every turn, talk advertising campaigns, movies, literature, we are faced with so much misinformation making us even less sure of how needs can ultimately be met, breeding confusion and ushering in much damage to relationships.

While most of us yearn to find that one true soulmate who complements us, making our deepest romantic dreams come true, we cannot help but admit good sex must come in the mix!

That said, fact is, good sex is important, but how can it be achieved? Is good sex solely the premise of a forever happy relationship? This is where the experts come in. This month on our special #DuchessOfTheMonth feature we had the pleasure of sitting with Nigerian-born Sex Coach Iretioluwa Oba-Okojie and in this deeply enlightening discussion, she takes us through the fascinating world of sex and intimacy.

Dive in!

#DuchessOfTheMonth Sex Coach Iretioluwa Oba-Okojie

#DuchessOfTheMonth Sex Coach Iretioluwa Oba-Okojie
#DuchessOfTheMonth Sex Coach Iretioluwa Oba-Okojie
#DuchessOfTheMonth Sex Coach Iretioluwa Oba-Okojie#DuchessOfTheMonth Sex Coach Iretioluwa Oba-Okojie#DuchessOfTheMonth Sex Coach Iretioluwa Oba-Okojie

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