Exclusive Interview: From Hobby to Business- Renowed Blogger Unveils Success Story.

By Duchess Magazine

Popular writer and blogger Joy Akosa Eghebi decided to become a full fledged blogger after years of uncertainty in writing and blogging, she took one step at a time in discovering where she had comparative advantage in and utilized it.

In this exclusive interview with her she discussed her philosophy in business, challenges she faced and her greatest achievements so far.

What motivated and inspired you to online business?
All my life the only business or job I have known and done is in the media. I have worked in magazine and newspaper houses and also online media platforms before I went into my own personal online business
While I was in the media professionally, I became interested in finding out facts and bringing them to limelight, so it was sort of a hobby

Tell us about your business?
My business has to do mainly with publicity, I do social media marketing. This entails me promoting business for individuals, organisation and even events.

What were the steps you took to get your business up and running?
I would say persistence and continuity, I don’t go offline for more than a week, this helps my followers know am still available even if something goes wrong. I never keep them in the dark

What has been the effective way of raising awareness of your business and getting new customers?
Social media has been doing the magic and will continue

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
I really don’t see challenges because it has been positive so far, the only thing I can key point is that many clients or customers find it hard to entrust their money to you without seeing or knowing you, so you have to convince and make them know what you can really do


How did you overcome the  uncertainty from prospective clients with  your outfits reputation ?

 I just allow them make their research well, refer them to things that proves my brand worthy.

What do you love about venturing into your own business?
Independence most importantly
They say experience is the best teacher, you can never learn how to manage a business perfectly until you start managing your own yourself, then you will know what it means to make real profit and loss

What is your advice to upcoming bloggers/journalists ?
Patience, persistence and hardworking, no one made it doing what everybody does, be unique, create a niche for yourselves and people will see you differently.

she is also an author of the book ‘Chronicles of Isioma. an inspiring literature. she is happily married and blessed with a child.


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