From Pediatrician to Political Leader: The Inspiring Journey of Jane Ruth Aceng

By Duchess Magazine

A pediatrician, politician, and Minister of Health in Uganda, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng has made remarkable strides in the field of medicine and beyond. Her unwavering dedication to public service has earned her a reputation as a trailblazer in her country and an inspiration to women across Africa.

Aceng was born on May 11, 1968, in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. She attended Shimoni Primary School before continuing her education at Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School, where she completed her Ordinary and Advanced Level education. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, a Master of Medicine in Pediatrics, and a Master of Public Health from the Makerere University College of Health Sciences. Aceng also holds a Diploma in Health Systems Management awarded by the Galilee International Management Institute in Israel.

Aceng began her career as a medical officer in the Ugandan Ministry of Health. Over time, she rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the Director General of Medical Services from 2011 until 2016. In 2016, she was appointed as the Minister of Health, a position she currently holds. During her tenure, she has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of healthcare in Uganda, focusing on maternal and child health, infectious diseases, and emergency preparedness.

Aceng’s contributions to the field of medicine extend far beyond her political career. She has participated in several research works that have been published, demonstrating her commitment to advancing medical knowledge. From estimating the cost-effectiveness of facemasks in reducing the spread of COVID-19 to exploring treatment practices for patients with nodding syndrome in post-conflict northern Uganda, Aceng has been at the forefront of medical research in her country.

Aceng’s achievements are all the more remarkable given the challenges she has faced. As a woman in a male-dominated field, she has had to overcome many obstacles and break down barriers. However, her tenacity and determination have propelled her forward, earning her the respect and admiration of her colleagues and constituents alike.

Despite her impressive track record, Aceng has not rested on her laurels. In 2020, she declared her intention to contest for the position of Women Representative for Lira District in the 11th Parliament. If successful, she will continue to champion women’s rights and improve the lives of the people in her community.

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng is a true inspiration to women across Africa and beyond. Her dedication to public service, her commitment to advancing medical knowledge, and her unwavering determination to break down barriers have made her a force for positive change in her country. As she continues to lead by example, she serves as a shining example of what women can achieve when given the opportunity to succeed.

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