Kind, Clueless, Wicked or Playful! Share Some of Your Favourite Nigerian Teacher Stories on #WorldTeachersDay

By Duchess Magazine

dreamstime_m_12528934-600x400Today is World Teachers Day, and everyone who has had some form of education or the other has had a teacher. So, today is set aside to celebrate people in this noble profession – who impart knowledge and ensure that we’re not all just bumbling around in ignorance. As happens every year, we honour our teachers and tell stories of how they’ve helped us.

There are different shades of teachers; the kind ones – who care about your students and go beyond the call of duty to ensure that you learn. Kind teachers are the recipients of gifts and prayers from students and parents. Everyone is grateful to them for their large heart and patience.

Then we have the clueless ones; bless their heart. They’re probably at the job by accident. They have good intentions but they’re so out of their depth with the course they’re teaching, you’re better off just going to study the text book by yourself.

Then there’s the wicked category. These teachers don’t care whether you learn, or not. They go out of their way to make learning an impossibility. They’re not here to tolerate slow learners, and will consciously put a stumbling block in the way of your progress.

There’s the inexperienced teacher who is just learning the ropes – both of the subject matter and of the art of teaching. They’re cute to watch… until you realise that you’re the one who has to sit for exams at the end of the term.

Another category is the trendy, hip, bubbling teacher! Teachers in this category want to be liked by their students. They don’t necessarily focus on the core of their remit – which is teaching. They’re cool enough to dismiss the class before the end of the lesson period. They share music playlists and makeup tips with their students. They’re usually remembered long after you’ve left school and outside of the boundaries of academia, they make good friends.

Then there’s the sexually depraved teacher. These people are unfortunately predominant in the Nigerian education system. They’re there at the secondary school level – wielding a force over young unsuspecting students. They prey on students who are struggling with a sense of identity and who seek approval from people in authority. These people need to be weeded out of our institutions of learning to protect our future.

The last but not the least on this non-exhaustive list of teacher categories is the old teacher. This teacher has been in the system since its inception. He knows all the stories of the students; knows when your first born brother was admitted, and won’t tolerate any nonsense from you. He has seen teachers come and go and is the king of the staff room. He doesn’t really appreciate change and is always ready to regale you with stories of when education was GOOD!

Happy teachers day to all our teachers in the house. Thanks for doing your job and for imparting knowledge.

Don’t forget to share your favourite Nigerian teacher stories… we can’t wait to hear them. Oh and tell us about the different categories of teachers you’ve encountered. You know the BN Community is nothing without your stories!

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