The 25-year-old founded The Shade Room a year ago and it has since been dubbed “the TMZ of Instagram” by the New York Times.

The Shade Room, which was initially published anonymously only on Instagram, currently boasts 2.5 million followers and pulls in an additional 100,000 followers every 10 days.

Anjelica was profiled on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, which seeks to profile young innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders across the US who are under 30 years of age and who are transforming business, technology, finance, media, culture and more, as judged by some of the most accomplished and acclaimed individuals in each category.

In a recent interview, the business-savvy CEO was asked what sets The Shade Room apart from other blogs and how she’s been able to obtain so much success in just one year.

“The Shade Room was the first blog to publish directly to instagram. We came out last year and at the time no one else was doing that. Now, everyone is doing it. Everyone thought we were crazy for publishing directly to instagram because, as you know, you don’t own instagram as a platform.”

She added: “People were like, ‘you’re wasting your time, why are you putting so much time into blogging on social media, you’re doing this the wrong way’. But really what we did was revolutionise a new way of getting the news. Now you see a lot of people getting their news directly on social media as oppose to going to websites.”