My Father is a Pedophile

By Duchess Magazine

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Dear Duchess,

I am Anita a 25-year-old lady. I am the only daughter of my family with two older brothers.

I was abused by my ‘Pedophile’ father at age 8, the trauma this incident left me, made me dislike him, I mean and HATE my father with passion!

Recently, I caught my father playing dirty with my 10 year old niece , which shocked me. I tried to tell my mum and the rest of the family about the act but they all think I am a ‘silly spoilt child’  who craves for attention, and wants to ruin the family harmony.

Right now, because I cannot take it any longer, I am on a mission to destroy my father and expose his dubious act to the world. I am a bit confused if what I’m doing is the right thing in that manner?

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