The Big 20 and still going strong! Happy Anniversary Sade and Rasaq Okoya

By Duchess Magazine

Sade and Rasaq Okoya

Talk “Happily ever after” in the fairy tale world and love at first sight might be all the magic you need, but when it comes to building a truly loving, long-lasting sustainable relationship in reality, sleeves need be rolled up high. From the most “compatible” couples shockingly calling it quits to the unlikely basking in sweet beautiful harmony forever after, one thing we’ve learned so far? It takes more than finding your soulmate, good old passion and yes, the classic – romance to keep even the strongest couple going.

20 whole amazing years built in love, partnership, mutual respect, shared ideals, passion and drive, a billion dollar empire, four lovely kids and this couple is stronger than ever #goalsrightthere.

Today we raise our glasses in celebration of one of Nigeria’s most prominent couples, an inseparable power duo conquering the business and social world, billionaire Industrialist, Chief Rasaq and Sade Okoya as they celebrate 20 years of love, countless laughs and perhaps a few tears.

Cheers to many more beautiful precious memories together!

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