The Ultimate Secret To Being An Awesome Mother

By Duchess Magazine

If there were one major secret that I would love every mother in the planet to know and work on this year it would be:
Get to know and appreciate your true worth and value as a mother!

It is a very simple paradigm that’s ridiculously absent in our culture. If every mother could commit to renewing her mind and take on a new understanding around her real value as a woman and mother, life would never be the same.

Just think about how different your daily experiences would be if you could wake up every morning full of enthusiasm and zest for life. If you felt excited and in love with life rather than dreading it and feeling like you’re walking through a desert without water.
How would you talk to and interact with your kids?
How would you treat your husband or partner?
How easy would it be for you to let certain annoying habits go?
I bet you wouldn’t be shouting or yelling much in the house. I bet you would speak with greater tenderness and clarity whether at home or at work.
I am convinced that finding more contentment, bliss and a feeling of enoughness would come quite naturally for us if only we could step into this higher state of awareness. Our relationships would be more loving and rich, we would let mean remarks from others slide off our backs and end the day in confidence because we’d know we had showed up in life and business as our best selves.

Most of all, we wouldn’t be obsessed and insecure about our body shapes and weight! Can you imagine totally being in love with how you are – just as you are now? Seeing no flaws at all inside and out! I know many mothers who spend too much time hating how they look and where they live, but all that would dissipate if more women could simply step away from the superficial lifestyle and step into their true authenticity.
I am not saying it comes by default or that it’s easy… In fact, I had to put in a lot of effort to make this shift. My idea of beauty and my self-worth was so distorted for many years. Freeing myself from superficial needs and going after what I really wanted deep in my heart was very challenging. But I am giving you an invitation to dare to live from your heart.
Gain more clarity in your life and get to know what you want deep in your heart and more importantly, what you don’t need. Only then can you start experiencing that extraordinary lifestyle.
It all begins with the realization that you probably have beliefs and paradigms that aren’t serving you. A cloud that has darkened the image you have of yourself. Unless this cloud is lifted and you get to know the real you; the real value that you bring, it’s going to be tough managing a successful lifestyle.
The good news that my sermon is delivering today for you is simply this:
You are of more value than you’ve ever known before. It is time for you to know your true worth. And it cannot be found chasing after superficial concepts and remedies.
It can only come from:
Knowing your true identity and who you really are.
Knowing that you are loveable and deeply loved at all times.
Knowing that you are needed in this world. As a mother, woman and child of the universe.
Knowing that you are made divinely perfect and that you are here for a higher purpose.
If you can deeply imprint and impress upon your mind these 4 ideas and turn them into your new beliefs, it won’t be too long before magical conditions manifest.

Need a little help getting there? What problem are you currently facing that you’d like solutions for? Send it through and it will be our divine pleasure to assist you in creating radical breakthroughs.

With love,



About Author:


Janette Getui is a lifestyle, leadership and wealth psychology coach. She’s certified as

a personal and business coach, a law of attraction expert and thinking into results
facilitator who’s had the pleasure of being trained and work with some of the biggest
names in the personal development industry such as Bob Proctor. As such, she’s on a
mission to help others awaken to truth because she believes in freedom and
prosperity for all.

As a transformational coach, in-demand speaker, trainer, seminar leader and
breakthrough queen who came from a homeless hostile background, she’s created an
extraordinary story for herself and now shows others how to do the same. Born in
the second largest slum of Kenya, in Africa, she turned around the fate that was
handed to her by rewriting her destiny by progressively creating her rags to riches
story literally from scratch into the successful entrepreneur, thought leader and
proud mother that she is today. Her mission is to help others awaken to Truth about
Life and how this world really works because she believes in freedom and prosperity
for every individual.

She devotes her time-sharing a simple formula that can show you how to make
manifest your version of heaven here on earth and attain a happy, healthy wealthy
and thriving lifestyle. Her work endeavors to help individuals seeking to become
independently wealthy how to integrate material earthly riches with spiritual
richness because that has been her main learning curve without any of the social
criteria that most people have. Having discovered that there is a connecting link that
we can use to build the bridges that connect lasting and holistic materialism with
spiritualism, she wants more people to start enjoying a good quality of life and
greater abundance. Janette believes with great conviction that you can create a new
reality and destiny for yourself and your loved ones regardless of current conditions,
circumstances or environment.

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