4 Reasons Why You Need To Take Your Mental Health Seriously

By Duchess Magazine

Everyday hustle, life experiences, family history…right from from childhood to adulthood several factors tend to affect our emotional, psychological, and social well- being. In simpler terms, how we think, feel, and act as individuals. In order to live a healthy, balanced life, mental health which is the foundation encompasses various aspects of life must be put in top priority

Oftentimes, we tend to neglect our mental health while taking utmost care of our physical health – an integral part of health which should be given utmost concern.

A combination of factors such as stress, poverty, unhealthy lifestyle, physical ill-health, lack of social interaction, human rights violations, sexual assault among others can highly influence mental health.

The importance of mental health cannot but be over emphasized as it plays a crucial role in defining various spheres of life socially, economically and healthwise.

Ironically, although quite common, little attention is paid to mental wellbeing mostly due to fear of being called “crazy” and ignorance. Common mental health problems include stress, anxiety and depression. 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.approximately 43.8 million experience mental illness yearly.

4 Reasons Why Mental Health Is Crucial

1. Mental and physical health are linked: Throughout life journey, stress comes in the mix but we must learn to manage it. When not being managed properly, it could trigger a heart attack.
Anxiety, depression as well as other mental conditions play a major role in determining our physical health, so it must be taken seriously. Brain health although largely ignored serve as base to many physical symptoms. Good mental health helps us manage our lives better.

2. Early detection is key. Caring for the mind helps us lead better, longer, healthier lives. Simple health care tips like social interaction and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your health. A mental health diagnosis with treatment such as anti depressant does go a long way to help put your life back on track.
When symptoms are spotted right on time, help comes your way, preventing it from getting worse. Physical pain could be linked with mental illness, so getting treated does generate a better state of health physically.

3. Increases productivity and effectiveness of performance. Mental health plays a vital role in our thoughts, behaviours and action. Depression reduces chances of input and stability. Untreated mental health issues can lead to economic hardship because it affects your productivity level. The state of the mind is super important as it impacts the functioning of the immune system and could even make you more susceptible to illness and infection, dampening your resistance.
Mental health helps us cope better with arising challenges.

4. Self Care is Important

Oftentimes we tend to wait till our world is crumbling before taking a breather or seeking help. Now more than ever it is important that mental health gets added to our self care list. Self care should be constant. Regular checkup – mind and body is adviced. Don’t wait till crisis before learning to build a pillar in your world. One of the best acts of care you can gift yourself is ensuring total good health and well-being, mental health inclusive takes priority. Mind and body are interconnected. Self care is a must. Take care of you!

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