After spending hundreds on natural hair products, Myleik Teele realised Black hair care needed something a little more sexy.The 34-year-old launched curlBOX, a subscription service that allows women of color to explore natural hair by delivering quality products to their doorstep every month. Growing up in Los Angeles, CA Myleik always knew that she would be successful, and made a point to be around people who reflected the success that she desired.

With $7,000 cashed out from a 401K, the savvy businesswoman, who has provided PR services for The Grammy Awards, American Idol and celebrity clients such as Prince, Linkin Park and Travis Barker, moved to Atlanta to pursue her business venture. She started attending hair meet ups and shows, where she noticed a lack of sample products geared towards black women. It sparked the idea for curlBOX.

“I have always believed there was a sexy element missing when it came to Black hair care products,” she told Essence. “I had been natural for over a decade but rocking properly required an arsenal of products and tools. I spent tons of money when I decided to chop off my heat-damaged hair. I decided to make that experience smoother for other women.”

In January 2012, she put the first box on sale for $20 per month. In her first month she made $4,000, and has continued to be profitable for the last three years.

“I was like white girls get samples all of the time. They can go to Macy’s and get their own, but what about us?”

On her success, she said: “Be authentic in your approach. It’s so easy to see another brand succeeding and enter the realm of sameness. You see someone else winning and you want to do the same thing. They are winning because they are NOT doing the same thing and you should always remember that.”