Black Businesswoman in Switzerland Creates New Skincare Line For People of African Descent

By Duchess Magazine

In October 2015, Rama partnered with PhytoArk, a phyto-cosmetics research centre in Switzerland, to develop Sikasso de Suisse™ and the brand’s proprietary NOVADA Complex™. The brand’s product development is informed by dermatological research that revealed the skin tones of people of African descent to be structurally unique from other skin tones in three important areas:

* Pigmented skin tones have 50 percent less Ceramides than other skin tones. (Ceramides are the waxy lipid molecules found in the inter-cellular spaces of the skin’s outermost layer. They prevent moisture loss and helps the skin maintain its supple elasticity.)

* Pigmented skin tones are vulnerable to extreme dryness, as they experience higher frequencies of Transepidermal Water Loss, the loss of water vapor in the skin under non-sweating conditions.

* Pigmented skin tones have overactive pigment-producing skin cells, and they are responsible for frequent hyper-pigmentation after an injury or an inflammation.

“I think a lot of skincare companies see us, people with pigmented skin tones, as second-class consumers,” says Rama. “The most beautiful, most innovative, most elegant products with amazing ingredients always appear to be tailor-made for other skin tones because they never work that well on my skin – nor on the women in my family. We always have to mix and match products. That’s not right.”

The beauty marketplace has indeed begun offering more skincare lines tailor-made for pigmented skin tones. Academy Award-nominated actress Angela Bassett recently partnered with Dr. Barbara Sturm to debut Darker Skin Tones by Barbara Sturm.

Having in mind the structural uniqueness of pigmented skin tones, the Sikasso de Suisse™team is developing two introductory products.

The Shea Butter & Swiss Apple Body Moisture Milk is a light and luxurious body milk with a hydrating, non-greasy texture. It is formulated to:

* hydrate with skin-softening emollients
* clinically improve uneven skin tone and dark spots
* replenish the skin’s natural barrier with precious nutrients
* combat UV-induced free radical damage

The Cream of Citrus Beauty Glow Masque is a fast-acting, botanically fresh facial masque for a clear, radiant-looking complexion. It is formulated to:

* soothe and calm inflammation
* naturally exfoliate dead skin cells and detoxify clogged pores
* revitalize the skin’s natural barrier and stimulate micro-circulation
* soften and smooth stressed skin


The 34-day Kickstarter campaign aims to raise approximately $35,000 by the September 13, 2016 deadline by allowing backers to pre-order the Cream of Citrus Beauty Glow Masque + Shea Butter & Swiss Apple Body Moisture Milk in both sample and full-sized versions. The funds raised will finance the final rounds of clinical testings required for product registration in the European Union; in addition to packaging & production. America-based backers are guaranteed free shipping on their products.

Sikasso de Suisse™ is an 8-FREE beauty brand – the Swiss-developed formulas contain no mineral oil or paraffin wax, parabens, hydroquinone, formaldehyde releasers, silicones, sulphates, phthalates, or synthetic dyes. The indie beauty brand is poised to launch in September 2017, and pre-orders will ship in the same month.

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