#BlackGirlMagic ? Meet Sne Mthembu: The 25-Year Old South African Lawyer Who Runs Her Own Law Firm

By Duchess Magazine

Sne Mthembu 25 year old lawyer who owns her law firm

Bagging a law degree in today’s highly competitive world is no easy achievement, top that up with opening your own law firm, before hitting 30, now that’s super amazing no doubt!

South Africa’s Sne Mthembu made massive headlines following her remarkable achievement at an age where others are still trying to find their footings in the law career. At the age of 25, the ambitious career woman proudly owns her own law firm! She is founder and director Passcara and Partners Inc., based out of Durban, South Africa.

Sne Mthembu: 25 year old lawyer who owns her own law firm

Sne Mthembu Director of Passcara and Partners Incorporated.

“Allow me to Introduce myself. My name is Sinenhlanhla Passcara Mthembu and I am the Founder and Director of Passcara and Partners Incorporated. I am a 25 year old and the owner of this Law Firm.
I am to Inspire. If I did it then so can you!!! #GirlsTalkZA” she wrote, celebrating the feat on Twitter

Mthembu lends her expertise to family cases as well as personal injury law among others.

“I took it as a challenge upon myself to do it. I then decided that no matter what people say I’m going to do this,” she told Power FM. “It was difficult from the point where I started my degree to where I am now. I don’t regret anything.”

Director of Passcara and Partners Incorporated.

Mthembu says she’s confident with her new venture despite the challenges that lay ahead: “What is hard in our field is marketing yourself. There is a thin line between marketing and touting. Touting is like when you are asking or begging for clients,” she said. “It makes it hard to market because you don’t want to cross that thin line that the [legal] council has put for us.”


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