Celebrating an Icon of Humanity- Florence Ajimobi.

By Duchess Magazine

Wife of the Oyo State Governor, Mrs Florence Ajimobi can be tagged a fulfilled and successful woman, a woman with a vision and strong prowess towards attaining success amidst various distractions but strives through, and comes out triumphant.

Florence Ajimobi was born in Benin city, on April 5, 1959, into the renowned Hajaig Family of Lebanon, her early childhood was in the city of Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria, where she had her primary and secondary education and furthered into a professional sail where she commenced her sojourn in the insurance industry. she worked with one of Nigerians leading insurance brokers where she displayed her functions so well and gathered experience. She later diverted into a private business with good initiatives which eventually paid her positively,her thirst for success and persistence was a Key approach she adopted towards reaching her goals,

As the wife of the executive Governor of Oyo state, Mrs Florence Ajimobi’s passion lies in the improvement of the quality of lives of Vulnerable groups (women and children) and ensuring that the less privileged are empowered for financial Independence. To her being the fist lady of Oyo State is not just a ceremonial function but a call to serve Humanity and an opportunity to impact the lives of people of Oyo State and beyond by elevating their living standards.

In pursuit to these objectives she has been able to provide relevant organisations and institutions to carter for these affected people in the society.

Creation of Mini Clinics for widows and aged 

Establishment of ICT center for women

Empowerment of women in the society through vocational training 

AJUMOSE food bank- a monthly food provision support programme

Educate a rural child project.

She is a woman who does not heed to the believe that there is any limitation to what the average woman can achieve, she constantly strives to create an equal playing ground for women.

Here are lists of Recognition’s which she has gained by Various bodies and institutions.

Vanguard Allure First Lady of the year.

Award of Honour by Nigerian Tradesmen and Artisans

Grand Patroness, Nigeria Association of women journalists NAWOJ

Ambassador “We are the future of our Nation” WATFON.

Award of excellence by the Nigerian women Pacesetters in Recognition of outstanding contributions in poverty Eradication.

City people Award of Excellence as the First Lady of the Year (south west)

Grand Matron Nigerian Library Association.

Grand patroness, Medical Woman Association of Nigeria Oyo State.

However She is liken to the Virtuous woman as an example to other women, she is a submissive and dutiful wife. And a good companion and helpmate to her husband.



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