#DidYouKnow Rwanda Holds The Top Spot For Representation Of Women In National Parliaments?

#DidYouKnow Rwanda Holds The Top Spot For Representation Of Women In National Parliaments?

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Female representation in the realms of government has witnessed commendable rise over the past years;
Since 1960 to 2015, 108 women have become national leaders in 70 countries, with more being prime ministers than presidents.
In 2021 Estonia became the first country to have both a female elected head of state and elected head of government.

But although progress has been recorded globally, inadequate opportunities for active participation of women in parliament persists, leaving room for more work to be done.

When it comes to Rwanda’s national legislation, women take up percentage far more than any other country. The country boasts of 61.25% (lower house) of women parliamentarians, upper house (38.46%).

South Africa (46.35%), Senegal (41.82%), and Ethiopia (38.76%), follow closely as progressive African countries championing female empowerment.

The top five global rank,
Lower or Single House , Upper House or Senate;

1 Rwanda 61.25% 38.46%
2 Cuba 53.22% –
3 Bolivia 53.08% 47.22%
4 United Arab Emirates 50% –
5 Mexico 48.2% 49.22%


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