Duchess’ Power Women Take Centre Stage!

by Yvonne
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Crowning off the year in grand style, this December we bring you two power forces unapologetically owning their magnificence, doing great exploits, paving way and impacting their world in no small measure with achievements which transcend generations to show.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez: Duchess' Power Woman

From homeless wannabe superstar to world renowned megastar! If there’s one thing we’ve learned from entertainer extraordinaire/ business guru Jennifer Lopez, it’s BE INTENTIONAL.

The 51 year old beauty’s success isn’t accidental; right from time she had her eyes set on her dream career and stopped at nothing to secure her place amid strong disapproval from her mum who understandably wanted her to go to college instead. But J Lo wanted to dance full-time and sticking to that decision ended up making her homeless, sleeping on a sofa in a dance studio while pursuing her dream career. Thankfully, just within a year, her talent, unmistakable, she landed her big break on “In Living Color and there’s been no stopping the diva indeed.

Duchess of the Month: Jennifer Lopez - All Round EntertainerFrom a rising popstar to achieving mogul status breaking barriers and earning respect within the entertainment world and beyond, the incredibly brilliant unstoppable Jennifer Lopez proves you can have it all.

Chimamanda Adichie

An undoubtedly brilliant author Chimamanda Adichie whose deeply inspiring prolific work
has earned praises from the most respected of critics stands proudly as one of Nigeria’s greatest talents.

The award winning author, everly concerned about preaching the black narrative and bringing about change in her world has also earned repute on the global stage as a renowned speaker. Excerpts from her much publicised TEDx talk in 2012 were also featured in Beyoncé’s song “Flawless” (2013).

Chimamanda Adichie: renowned author

Not one to mince words, whether or paper or holding the mic, Adichie stand firmly, holding on to her beliefs. Dubbed the voice of feminism in Nigeria, controversy isn’t new to the 43 year old’s work touches on feminism, racism, gender and motherhood.

Unswayed by likability, Chimamanda Adichie tells it like it is and that has earned respect, accordingly on and off the papers.

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