#EndSARS: Aisha Yesufu – The Hijab Revolutionary Dubbed Nigeria’s Statue Of Freedom

By Duchess Magazine

Undaunted Voice Of Courage!

Long gone are the days when the Nigeria nation sat helplessly, praying for some miracle or perhaps fate to make things all right. It’s the dawn of a new era and power has been restored to the people.

After being pushed over and over again to the wall, earning degrading labels such as lazy and permissive, subjected to unending poverty,  unimaginable hardship and intimidation, the  sleeping giant has alas awaken! Nigeria has found her voice.

Aisha Yesufu, a name synonymous with uncommon bravery, strength and spirit once again has taken centre stage, everly selflessly fighting for justice and closure. No coincidence, the Kano state born has always been drawn to fight for just causes. Deeply passionate about championing freedom, justice and fairness owning to her heavily patriarchal background, the 46 year old has always been some sort of rebel. Picture ditching the Mrs. Label till age 22 when her mates were already grandmothers, the foremost social activist has never been moved by the crowd.

Aisha Yesufu #EndSARS #EndSWAT #BringBackOurGirls #

A strong definition of self, Aisha Yesufu most definitely isn’t one to bother about who loves or hates her, regardless, she forever speaks up against injustice – her voice ringing loud and clear, naming names and spilling it as it is without mincing words, Aisha Yesufu has no doubt more than ruffled high and lofty feathers subsequently incurring the wrath of erring powers that be. But don’t get the narrative twisted, fear, although  in the equation has never stopped her. Eyes on the price has always been her super power.

The frontline activist didn’t just stumble into the spotlight, everly driven by passion and not one to pass up an opportunity to speak up for the truth, she recently gained worldwide attention, taking the #EndSARS protest upon her shoulders.

While deciding to observe and show support for youths airing their grievance against an institution that was established to combat crime and corruption which has now taken it upon itself to inflict, harass, intimidate and muder helpeless civilians, calling for its dissolution, she noticed the police had put on the intimidation cap, killing and arresting protesters, she stepped in as an authoritative voice, to show its not going to be business as usual.

Proudly donning in her Hijab, she stepped in, not for clout of course, but deep rooted selflessness, devotion and passion. For the second time, the world took notice. Photographed in action by talented digital art interns @illustatesEhiz @DrawsLa, Aisha Yesufu donning on her Hijab and holding on to her invisible mantle, her indomitable spirit everly leading her to the frontlines has aptly been dubbed the Nigerian figure of liberty.

Aisha Yesufu #EndSARS #EndSWAT #BringBackOurGirls #


In 2014 when the notorious Boko Haram kidnapped a total of 276 Chibok schoolgirls
Aisha Yesufu took it upon herself to stand up and challenge the Nigerian government to step in and do something rather than pay lip service. Staging daily unending protests. The hashtag #BringBackOurGirls an initiative spearheaded by Aisha gained global attention.

Aisha Yesufu #EndSARS #EndSWAT #BringBackOurGirls #EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria

Present Day: #EndPoliceBrutality

The past week has witnessed unrest in Nigeria as the youths after decades of gross abuse of human rights, unlawful arrests and murder with wild abadon by the very body meant to bring about lawfulness decided they’ve had enough! A Nationwide protest calling for the dissolution of the infamous police body #SARS took centre stage gaining global attention. The Nigerian government however remain silent amid further intimidation, unlawful arrest and outright murder of unarmed protesters, keeping mum, even though a-list celebrities from around the globe, Amnensty International inclusive had voiced concerns.

Following major backlash, the government had no choice than to back down, 11th October – the Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu announced the dissolution of the body.

However on Tuesday the 13th of February 2020.
The Federal government further announced the formation of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) to replace the recently dissolved Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) but that has been met with an unapologetic rebuff from the Nigerian populace as they have vowed to fight till the body is dissolved totally. Worthy of note #SARS over the years has been banned four times in three years without effectiveness.

As the cry for justice continues, the cry for a new  Nigeria, we proudly voice our support for change, long overdue, yes, the birth of a new Nigeria where government is truly of the people, by the people, for the people.

Kudos and Happy Independence Day Nigeria! October 2020 will forever be engraved in hearts! 2023 Power Changes Hands ??

Well done!


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