Entrepreneur and PhD Student Releases One of the Most Essential Books for African American Women This Century

Systematic Female Ratchet by Troy Gathers
Bookcover and author, Troy Gathers

Atlanta, GA — The perception of African American women over the past 50 years has taken a peculiar turn. Today, while we watch reality TV shows even local news interviews; we observe women of color that may not necessarily reflect the behavior we normally see. We immediately write off these people as “ratchet,” but that may also reflect how we would treat those that may resemble these figures. It would appear that the cameras only seek out the stereotypes that perpetuate their agenda. Systematic Female Ratchet: It’s Not the Sistas, It’s the Systemaddresses that hidden agenda.

Troy D. Gathers is the author of this historic book. Gathers began writing books professionally in late 2015, but is no stranger to scholarly writing. “As an entrepreneur and college student, I have experienced so much and collected so much information; authoring books is simply a byproduct of my process”, Troy states. This book was written to wake a sleeping America in addition to gaining a new perspective and respect for the Mothers of the Universe. Troy believes that a supportive woman is the X-factor to a revolutionary man.

So what would inspire you to write this book, why not a suspense or drama? “With all the racial division and controversy that surrounds America today; I noticed the void in all of this; which is education. There is so much deflecting going on from celebrities to politicians when we talk about civil injustice,” Gathers says.

Growing up, Troy was raised in a rural area of Charleston, South Carolina by the elders of his family. Gathers states that it was there that the teachings of his great-grandmother Harriet Ladson and grandmother Lavinia Green taught him the importance of strong African American women. “I remember leaving the projects where my mother stayed to visit my grandmother Lavinia, who lived in a house with a lake in the back yard; it was like Rich Dad Poor Dad. My grandmother resided in New York for some years which gave her a mentality completely different from other relatives who were in South Carolina their entire lives. I was blessed to have been raised by such an opened minded person,” Gathers explained.

Although Systematic Female Ratchet is based on the significance of the African American woman; Gathers says, “Everyone can benefit from this book. If you are in a marriage and your wife is angry all the time, I suggest you read this book. If you work around African American women and you are of another race, I suggest you read this book. The purpose of this book is to educate and as we all know, education has no color or favorites.”

Gathers concludes, “After you read this book in its entirety, you will be able to support and educate those that are not privy to this information. My goal is to have this book in the hands of every woman who ever questioned their importance to the world and every person that questioned their greatness.”

For more on Troy Gathers, be sure to visit his website at www.TroyGathers.com, Facebook page www.facebook.com/takemewithyoubook and the official webpage for his book projects atwww.BeYouPublishing.com

Systematic Female Ratchet: It’s Not the Sistas, It’s the System is available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and BeYouPublishing.com


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Source: blacknews.com


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