From Hustlers In Ajegunle To Real Estate Gurus! Meet The Inspiring Faces Behind Africa’s Leading Real estate Brokerage Firm – Billionaire Realtors’ Group (BRG)

By Duchess Magazine

Ajegunle, home to an abundance of untapped talents and some of the world’s brightest stars is sadly synonymous with gripping poverty. The home of ghettos in Nigeria, AJ city where gambling, betting, street fights, and the thirst for quick money to escape the escalating hardship reigns, has also been known to produce football and music stars.

With rugged determination and unbridled positivity, a few have successfully managed to rewrite their stories from slum to wealth! Need proof? Key in Dr. Tony Aspire Kolawole, President BRG, Emmanuel Abikoye, Chief Operating Officer (COO) BRG, and Gbenga Adeleke, Chief Admin Officer (CAO) BRG), the faces behind Billionaire Realtors Group (BRG) – a leading Nigerian real estate brokerage firm specializing
in comprehensive integrated solutions for real estate brokers, situated in the highbrow Lekki area of Lagos State.

Driven by the mission “to provide genuine real estate products to the public through strategic partnerships
with veritable real estate developers and nurturing a strong salesforce using technology-driven innovations”, the trio established the firm in 2016. Applaudably, with over 50,000 realtors in its network, BRG stands tall in the African real estate stratosphere.

Dr. Tony Aspire, Mr. Adeleke Gbenga, and Dr. Emmanuel Abikoye managed to triumph the odds of sinking negativity and hopelessness to establish themselves as a force in a highly competitive industry.

Their zeal and tenacity have paid off big, over the years, they have spread their tentacles, claiming higher grounds. They are also owners of Tribitat, a real estate development company offering residential and commercial real estate solutions to individuals and corporate bodies.

BRG has also an extensive list of partnerships with companies such as Zylus Group, Veritasi Homes & Properties, GMH Luxury, Adozillion Homes, Homenest Development Ltd, Gracias Group, etc.

Recalling his humble beginnings, Gbenga, Chief Admin Officer has this to say:

“Growing up in Ajegunle was not easy,” this was what inspired him to push to make BRG a success.

The President, Dr. Tony Aspire Kolawole is of strong belief one carves his world “there’s no silver spoon anywhere. We only hoped that one day things would get better,” evidently, it’s all turned around.

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