Lizzo Launches Own All-Inclusive Shapewear Brand – Yitty

By Duchess Magazine

“This is a love letter to my big grrrrls, and a welcome letter to Every Body. This is not an invitation to change who you are…this is an opportunity to BE who you are on your terms. I don’t know about y’all – but I’m sick of people telling me how I’m supposed to look and feel about my body. I’m tired of the discomfort being synonymous with sexy. If it’s uncomfortable TAKE IT OFF. And if it makes you feel good PUT IT ON. @yitty isn’t just a shapewear, it’s your chance to reclaim your body and define your beauty standard…”

Popstar Lizzo is continuing to expand her reach and legacy beyond music and her latest venture is Shapewear Brand, Yitty.

The new movement is all about empowering women to love the skin and curves they’re in and we can’t be more than excited.

When it comes to super tight, uncomfortable, and unflattering shapewear, Lizzo knows the feeling, but rather than complaining about it she’s changing the narrative one shapewear at a time.

On Wednesday, March 30th, Lizzo officially announced the launch of Yitty, her “revolutionary new shapewear brand,” in partnership with Fabletics, Inc.

Named after Lizzo’s childhood nickname, the new label, set for release on April 12, has been a project three years in the making. Yitty is a “no-shame, smile-inducing,” size-inclusive shapewear brand designed for every body and “all based on the principles of self-love, radical inner confidence, and effortless, everyday wear.”

In a press release introducing the brand, Lizzo explained, “Instead of thinking about size in this linear way, we’re thinking about it on a spectrum where everyone is included. Everyone’s size is just their size. It’s not high, it’s not low. It’s not big, it’s not small. It’s just your size.”

Yitty’s first release will feature three different collections: “Nearly Naked,”, “Mesh Me”, and “Major Label,” The designs made to be fitted on “every size and body type—not merely scaled up (or down) for convenience” are mostly made with recycled fibers, while the packaging is made of 100% recycled materials.

According to the singer, she drew inspiration for this latest venture from a personal place as she’s spent most of her life being told to “reshape” her body to conform to society’s unattainable beauty standards. “I felt that I was constantly being told through TV and magazines that my body wasn’t good enough. And, in order to be considered ‘acceptable’ I had to inflict some sort of pain upon it to fit into an archetype of beauty,” Lizzo said. “Because of this, I’ve been wearing shapewear for a long time, maybe since I was in fifth or sixth grade.”

After deciding on no longer going to feel bad or embarrassed about her body and celebrate it instead, Lizzo wanted to wear form-fitting pieces that enhanced rather than flattened her figure. “I was tired of seeing this sad, restrictive shapewear that literally no one wanted to wear. I had an epiphany like, ‘who can do something about this?’ I decided to take on the challenge of allowing women to feel unapologetically good about themselves again,” she said.

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