Meet Omolabake Adenle, the Exceptional Innovator of Revolutionary Software that Speaks African Languages

By Duchess Magazine

Omolabake Adenle is an exceptional Nigerian innovator who has made significant strides in the field of software development. Her groundbreaking software can speak and understand African languages, a feat that has been long overdue on the African continent. Omolabake Adenle’s innovative software development has attracted recognition from the African Innovation Foundation (AIF), which nominated her for the prestigious ‘2017 Innovation Prize for Africa.’

The AIF shortlisted ten nominees from nine African countries, with Adenle being one of the two from Nigeria. Her innovative voice recognition and speech synthesis software for African languages was one of the most impressive entries on the list. Her startup, AJA.LA Studios, developed the software, which has the capacity to understand and digitize African languages while synthesizing speech from African languages presented as digitized text.

Adenle’s innovation is a game-changer for Africa as it allows Africans to interact with a wide range of devices and third-party software applications in their local languages. This is an important step towards bridging the digital divide on the continent, as it will enable Africans with low literacy levels or those who do not speak English to enjoy the benefits of the digital revolution.

Voice recognition and speech synthesis software have been developed for various Western and Asian languages. However, there has been very limited commercial application or academic research for African languages. Adenle’s innovation is, therefore, a significant milestone in the development of African languages and their integration into the global digital space.

Adenle’s innovation has far-reaching implications for the development of African languages and the African continent’s technological advancement. In a world where digital technology is rapidly evolving, it is important for Africa to catch up and harness the potential of technology to drive development. Adenle’s software development is a significant step towards that goal.

Adenle’s software has the potential to revolutionize education in Africa. Education is a critical component of development, and the lack of education is a major impediment to the continent’s progress. Adenle’s innovation can help break down the language barrier and make education more accessible to Africans. With her software, Africans can access educational resources in their local languages, making learning more effective and efficient.

Adenle’s innovation also has the potential to facilitate trade and commerce on the continent. Africa is a diverse continent with multiple languages and cultures. Adenle’s software can facilitate communication and interaction between traders from different African countries by enabling them to communicate in their local languages. This will not only promote trade but also foster unity and understanding between African countries.

Furthermore, Adenle’s software development can promote cultural preservation and identity on the continent. Language is an integral part of culture, and the preservation of African languages is crucial to maintaining the continent’s cultural diversity. Adenle’s software can help preserve African languages by digitizing them, making them accessible to future generations, and integrating them into the global digital space.

Adenle’s innovation is also a significant contribution to the development of African women in technology. The technology industry has traditionally been male-dominated, with women often underrepresented. Adenle’s success in software development is, therefore, an inspiration to African women and a testament to their potential in the technology industry.

Adenle’s innovative software development has attracted the attention of both local and international organizations. Her startup, AJA.LA Studios, has received funding from organizations such as the African Development Bank and the United Nations Development Programme. This support is a recognition of Adenle’s potential to contribute to Africa’s development and the significance of her innovation.

Adenle’s software development has not been without its challenges. One of the major obstacles she faced was the lack of data on African languages. This made it difficult to develop accurate speech recognition and synthesis models for African languages.


Joseph Omoniyi

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