Meet Shymane Robinson: The Youngest Black Lawyer to Open an Office on the Southside of Chicago

Meet Shymane Robinson: The Youngest Black Lawyer to Open an Office on the Southside of Chicago

Attorney Shymane Robinson, founder and CEO of True Lawyer at age 31 has made history as the youngest Black lawyer to open her widely successful law firm on the Southside of Chicago. Her firm also rewrites history as the first in the country to ever offer a Trademark Guarantee.

Armed with the purpose of building and transforming black communities, Robinson who has her hands in law and real estate has two offices in the city for her real estate and law firm.

The history maker has her lend set on helping small and Black-owned businesses gain ownership of their brand and leverage their assets with real estate.

“Lawyers are often rewarded for working long hours and billing as much as they can regardless of their success rate. As a result clients often receive expensive legal bills with minimum results making it impossible for small businesses to afford legal representation,” says Shymane.

The wealth gap affects black communities and as the first law firm to offer a Trademark Guarantee, True Lawyer intends to close this wealth gap through fostering ownership.

“In an effort to increase ownership and help transform communities, we guarantee if we clear a mark and it doesn’t register our office will trademark your next mark for FREE until you gain ownership of your brand,” Shymane says.


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