Meet the lady who takes painting as a profession.

Females are never seen in this aspect of creativity they are rather selective to jobs, but reverse is the case as ,Miss Origho Beatrice proved positive towards been reckoned among women who go extra miles in breaking barriers and achieving specific goals where a few are mentioned.


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Some ladies will prefer to look for a man to give them money or sit at home waiting for someone to connect them to a job.

Origho Beatrice Kome is a professional painter and she good at her job. She stated on her facebook page “Pls am a professional painter and i also do scree-ding. So I need you all to call on me when you need my services  because  there is no time to sit down and wait for someone to give me money before I can take good care of myself. thank you.

Beatrice is very independent with this choice of job which she has love for, and she is not regretting opting for it.

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