Nia DaCosta: First Black Woman To Direct A Film For Marvel Studios

By Duchess Magazine

Director of the highly anticipated horror rendition of the “Candyman” Nia DaCosta will be the director of “Captain Marvel 2” one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel series for Marvel Studios. This is another major win for black women, and women in general.

Marvel Studios is known to work with different directors for their movie sequels to bring different perspectives to the movie and DaCosta takes over from Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, who directed 2019’s “Captain Marvel” to a $426.8 million domestic gross, and $1.13 billion worldwide, according to Variety.

This auspicious feat however makes Dacosta the first black woman, and the fourth woman to direct a Marvel Studio picture. Her predecessors were Boden, Cate Shortland (“Black Widow”), and Chloé Zhao (“Eternals”). Marvel Studios is on the agenda to break down barriers and make their working space a more inclusive one, giving opportunities to everyone and bringing diversity to those who occupy top creative positions.

Brie Larson will remain as Carol Danvers, the hero of the film from the script written by a woman as well, Megan McDonnell who is a story editor on Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney Plus series “WandaVision.”

DaCosta has had little stints in the industry, but it was the 2019 indie movie “Little Woods,” starring Tessa Thompson, that served as the springboard which fully launched DaCosta’s career. It opened the door for her to direct the new “Candyman” movie produced and co-written by Jordan Peele.

COVID-19 has been a big game changer for the world, and it is no surprise that it has delayed the opening of “Candyman” which was set for June. 

It will now be premiered in October as many cannot wait to enjoy the movie after seeing an amazing shadow-puppet preview of “Candyman” that gave the background to the film which according to DaCosta, was drawn from “the intersection of white violence and black pain.”

According to Deadline, a budget has not been allocated for the film scheduled to open July 8, 2022. However, it is slated to be the “biggest-budgeted tentpole to be helmed by a Black female director, following in the footsteps of Ava DuVernay, who directed A Wrinkle in Time, which came in at $115 million budget.”

There were others like Olivia Wilde (“Booksmart”) and Jamie Babbit (“But I’m a Cheerleader,” “Russian Doll”) vying for the director’s chair of “Captain Marvel 2” even though many are still wondering how a major blockbuster like this will be made in “pre-vaccine COVID-19 world.”

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