Nigerian Owned Kid Apparel Brand Lands Deal On Shark Tank

by Duchess Magazine
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ADE + AYO – Introducing kids to the beauty of African design
Culture, Community and Connection.

Africans in the diaspora miss the feel of home, Ade + Ayo closes that representation gap, bringing connection to heritage and a daily exploration of culture. Ade + Ayo, a clothing brand owned by Temidayo Adedokun, a Nigerian Canadian based in Oakland, California is on a mission to introduce kids to the beauty of African design to share culture, community and connection.

Ade + Ayo currently valued at $1.7 million with approximately $160,000 in sales has appeared on Shark Tank, Vanity Fair, Today’s Show, Good Morning America and The Good Trade.

Ade + Ayo was birthed when Temidayo was pregnant with her first baby. As a Nigerian Canadian now living in the United States, who misses the feel of home – The smell of Nigerian food, the sound of Nigerian music and the colors and patterns of traditional Nigerian clothing, her Nigerian culture a source of pride and joy for her, she began looking for ways to help her son experience the warmth and joy of culture, straight away she began working on her son’s nursery and wardrobe, the search for nursery decor and baby clothes that would remind me her home and introduce him to the beauty of Africa but it revealed a huge gap. Due to the lack of clothes in traditional colors and patterns that would be comfortable enough for daily wear, and any “African-inspired” nursery decor, saddened but also motivated to provide a solution, Ade + Ayo was born.

“Ade + Ayo” combines the Yoruba (Nigerian language) words for “crown” and “joy,” reflecting the pride and happiness children bring to their parents’ lives.

The carefully designed and curated collections infuse African print into the daily lives of kids: nursery, clothing and accessories, toys ( stuffed animals, scooter, softballs, baskets, rattles, swaddles
crib sheets, burp cloths, pacifier clips, etc.) all made with African fabric prioritize artisan-crafted pieces, bamboo + organic cotton textiles and eco-friendly practices.

Through Ade + Ayo, Temidayo brings the warmth, vibrance and joy of African cultures to homes through beautiful and practical pieces mother and baby.

Her vision for Ade + Ayo is to foster connections for children. For those children born to Africans or people in the African diaspora, the well-crafted items bring connection to heritage.

On Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran made them an offer for 33.3 percent that came with a $500,000 credit line, but the brand settled on a deal that consisted of $200,000 for 33.3 percent.

Applaudably a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes on to improve the education gap. Each quarter, the brand supports an organisation.

Temidayo Adedokun did her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Davis. After that, in 2015, she obtained a Doctor of Law (JD) degree from Yale Law School. She also worked as an associate at the San Francisco, California base Jones Hall, APLC Company.

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