Serena Williams And Daughter Olympia Are An Adorable Matching Pair For Stuart Weitzman Ad: ‘My Mini-Me’

Stuart Weitzman's Spring 2021 collection titled Footsteps to Follow,

The mother daughter duo feature in their very first fashion campaign for Stuart Weitzman’s Spring 2021 collection titled Footsteps to Follow, unveiled this week.

Serena Williams and daughter

Serena Williams and her daughter, Alexis “Olympia” Ohanian, Jr. 3, star in the campaign, titled Footsteps to Follow, created to showcase how every generation has the potential to inspire positive change

“Hope and optimism are central to every SW x SW campaign, and showcasing the powerful bond between mother and daughter in Footsteps to Follow highlights how every generation can inspire any generation—be it parents to children or vice versa—to step into each other’s shoes and step into new worlds,” the fashion house explained in an Instagram post.

The campaign also sees little Olympia stepping into her mom’s shoes!

“It’s a special campaign. I just felt like it was an opportunity because Olympia and I have been spending so much time together,” Williams told WWD in a statement. “Olympia is trying on my shoes all the time, it’s so fun—she loves to try them on and we play in them. I have a red pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes that she loves and there is the new Lyla style with a toe ring in leopard print that’s one of her favourites.”

Shot by Ethan James Green with styling by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

Stuart Weitzman's Spring 2021 collection titled Footsteps to Follow, Stuart Weitzman's Spring 2021 collection titled Footsteps to Follow,

“I would definitely call Olympia my mini-me. She is mini Serena. She’s so cute, and she’s so fun,” says Williams in voice-over accompanied by footage of the pair laughing and playing together for the photoshoot. “I don’t know if I hope if Olympia follows in my footsteps. I want her to do whatever she wants to do and what’s best for her.” Tennis champ Serena gushes.


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