The 411 on the “Good” about Good Friday; Eggstra info you should know

By Duchess Magazine


All over the world in the Christian Faith, today marks one of the most important holidays – if not, THE most important celebration.
Although no official traditional celebration is held on Good Friday, this special day is internationally recognized and observed diligently.

Good Friday also known as ‘Holy Friday’ commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Calvary.
The annual celebration in memory of Jesus Christ’s passion, crucifixion, and death is solemnly observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday and a day after Maundy Thursday – this significant holy Thursday marks the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles, held annually on the fifth day of Holy Week, followed by Good Friday.

Christ died for mankind on the cross on Good Friday, which falls on April 19 this year. Although the dates for Good Friday and Easter vary, (between March 22 -April 25 and April 4 – May 8) it generally depends on the timing of the full moon, which occurs on different dates each year.

The most important symbol associated with Good Friday is the crucifix representing the manner in which Jesus died. So one might wonder, since the day marks the cruxification of Christ, what’s so “good” about it?

Through Jesus’ death on the cross of calvary, Christians – mankind received salvation.
By virtue of the savior – Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for the sin of humanity, man received pardon, grace and therefore LIVE – resurrection over death, which is the Easter celebration, as the sin of man was washed away with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Good Friday calls for a rededication of self in the Christian faith, Usually observed through: Worship services, prayer and vigil services, fasting and alms giving

Good Friday and therefore Easter = Condemnation meets salvation for humanity .

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