“My mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on and that is, the belief that the ability to achieve starts in my mind”

  • Michael Jordan

In our previous article we brought to light a new understanding of what being a mother is and how much of an influence you are to those you tend to. I trust you are nowfeeling moreconvinced about the grandness of this role that you have chosen to play and that you see this as more than just nappy duty, school runs and other mummy duties. There is so much more to it than the physical work and time you put in. You feed and impress your child in so many other subtler and more profound ways than mere physical actions. This was part of the reason why I created the audio training for parents that speaks on the different kinds of diets that we are secretly feeding our children. I realized that many of us are unaware that we constantly feed our children more than just the physical food that we prepare. We are planting little seeds in them that over time will form the foundations upon which much of their perceptions of life will be established. Thus it is super important that we start empowering ourselves with greater clarity and truth so that we can do it far better than those who took care of us.

With an overspread pandemic of lack and limitation, any mother should be keen to step up her game as a modern individual so she can be her best version of self because that is the only sure way that your kids would be receiving the best of you in all aspects. I know every mother loves their child beyond measure but love that is not powered by truth and a right understanding of the laws of mind can prove to be quite detrimental over time. So as you continue to love and nurture your child, seek to shift your perceptions of life, rekindle the goodness that is your birthright as well as your child’s and use this opportunity that has been given to you in divine grace, to plant seeds that you feel certain will only secure the brightest of futures for your growing young ones regardless of age or current challenges.

Becoming the presence and embodiment of a loving mother teaching correct principles to her children within the home is the seed and foundation that will help build your children into greatness. You are the bliss, peace and love that can be the blessing your child is in need of most in our fast paced world.

You are the hope that will grow their faith, shape them and help them create a world that they desire instead of settling for all the evils that already exist today. If you can choose today to start unlearning the old ideas that don’t help you live in this state, then life around you will never be the same. Here are three ideas that can help you get started in that direction and create an environment of positive, uplifting nurturing and teaching in your home.

  1. Bold, Beautiful Blissful U: Robert Browning expressed his wonderful observation of what motherhood is. He said all love begins and ends there. Well, if you are going to be the symbol of pure love and renew goodness in life then you’ll need to have it actively within first. You cannot give what you have not got! Spend some time upgrading the beliefs you hold about yourself, the role you play as a mother and bring in more boldness, beauty and bliss into your world so that you can effortlessly pass on the correct principles to those who depend on you.
  2. Family Night: Reserve one night every week dedicated only to your family bonding time. Spend some quality time playing, laughing, speaking, reading spiritually uplifting materials and discuss issues that matter to each one individually. Learning to create bonding time that goes beyond mere television or media distractions is very important because this is the opportunity for you to create lasting memories and new beliefs that foster positive growth and enthusiasm for life.
  3. Pray, Mediate, Worship or Create ways of Thanksgiving That You Can Do Together: This has nothing to do with the old traditional view of prayer and I mean this in a non-religious context. I do not follow any religion but prayer, thanksgiving and mediation is something that happens in my home each day. The topic of prayer is too vast to detail on this article but I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important it is for the mother to bring into the home this practice as a way of life. Of course you need to know why we encourage this as well as how to pray rightly because so many people are offering prayers in vain; but assuming that you’re now choosing to be a “new thought parent”, praying and teaching your children how to express gratitude for life and the blessings you have no matter how seemingly little, will be one of the best ways to nurture your little ones into adults who live a balanced, abundant and joyful life.


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Janette Getui is a lifestyle, leadership and wealth psychology coach. She’s certified as
a personal and business coach, a law of attraction expert and thinking into results
facilitator who’s had the pleasure of being trained and work with some of the biggest
names in the personal development industry such as Bob Proctor. As such, she’s on a
mission to help others awaken to truth because she believes in freedom and
prosperity for all.

As a transformational coach, in-demand speaker, trainer, seminar leader and
breakthrough queen who came from a homeless hostile background, she’s created an
extraordinary story for herself and now shows others how to do the same. Born in
the second largest slum of Kenya, in Africa, she turned around the fate that was
handed to her by rewriting her destiny by progressively creating her rags to riches
story literally from scratch into the successful entrepreneur, thought leader and
proud mother that she is today. Her mission is to help others awaken to Truth about
Life and how this world really works because she believes in freedom and prosperity
for every individual.

She devotes her time-sharing a simple formula that can show you how to make
manifest your version of heaven here on earth and attain a happy, healthy wealthy
and thriving lifestyle. Her work endeavors to help individuals seeking to become
independently wealthy how to integrate material earthly riches with spiritual
richness because that has been her main learning curve without any of the social
criteria that most people have. Having discovered that there is a connecting link that
we can use to build the bridges that connect lasting and holistic materialism with
spiritualism, she wants more people to start enjoying a good quality of life and
greater abundance. Janette believes with great conviction that you can create a new
reality and destiny for yourself and your loved ones regardless of current conditions,
circumstances or environment.

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