The Empowered Leader: Añuli Ola-Olaniyi

By Duchess Magazine

As a young girl growing up in Nigeria, Añuli Ola-Olaniyi never thought that she would be where she is today. Her Facebook bio reads, “I exist to inspire women to be more and do more.” But those words don’t begin to capture the enormity of what she’s accomplished. Añuli has become a symbol of empowerment and a beacon of hope for black and African women everywhere.

Añuli’s journey began in Nigeria, where she was raised by parents who instilled in her a love for education and a passion for making a difference. She earned a degree in Computer Science from Covenant University in Nigeria before moving to Canada to pursue her Master’s degree. There, she discovered a new world of opportunities and a new purpose in life.

But Añuli didn’t stop there. She went on to become a certified Project Manager, a member of the Project Management Institute, and a certified Life Coach. She also founded multiple businesses, including a leadership coaching and training company, Influence With Afolabi, and a female-focused nonprofit organization, Diary of a Woman.

Through her work, Añuli has become a champion for women’s empowerment, breaking down barriers and inspiring women to believe in themselves and their potential. She speaks at conferences and events all over the world, sharing her story and her expertise on leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

But Añuli’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. As a black woman in a predominantly white male-dominated field, she’s had to overcome prejudice and discrimination. She’s had to fight to be taken seriously, to be heard, and to be respected.

Despite these obstacles, Añuli has remained focused on her mission. She’s shown that with hard work, determination, and a deep sense of purpose, anything is possible. She’s proved that women can be leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers, and that their voices and contributions are essential to creating a better world for all.

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