Is there a pre-ordained man for every woman and vice versa?


No. God leads you according to His spirit and the man gets someone that’s like-minded like Him. The man gets His Help meet “suitable for him” while he is loving God and doing his purpose.

We are very quick to jump to Adam and Eve.

Read carefully!!!

God did and created things and left Adam to make choices; God didn’t impose anything….follow me closely. While God made Eve out of Adam to be His suitable help meet, did you ever see in the bible, -if it’s in your translation please show me- that God now said to Adam, this is the bone of your bone oya marry her.

God because of His immeasurable love for us and for Adam at that time was thinking of different means and methods to make Adam’s work easy and enjoyable (since the animals weren’t helping him, because note that he had companions but they weren’t just fit for him)…So God was thinking of Him as He is always thinking of us. So He made this with this intention that the Lady should help him and brought her to Adam, it was Adam that now said – “This is now bone if my bone” and we know the rest.

This bone of my bone also means Compatibility. So note God made plans for Adam and allowed Him choose with the wisdom of God. That is how it is today. God prepares wives, you choose the most compatible (bone of your bones), in all areas please not only purpose and God approves.

God has made different Humans for different purposes on earth, many are living theirs many are not. It is when a man sees a woman out of the women that can be his help-meet is when He says ‘wow’. Meaning they could be 10000, 5000 or 5 that can be help-meets for Him, but the one that is perfectly appealing to Him is what He finds and chooses.

Note that Adam was in His purpose working. Many people miss it because they are not working their purpose and they want to wow to a wife, you will make the wrong choice and think you are choosing right, but that is another topic entirely

Many examples as I conclude: Ruth was married before and then got married again to Boaz, King Xerxes remarried Esther and so much more examples to back this up.

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