Top Nigerian socialite, Munis Abisola set to be conferred with Chieftaincy title.

Culture isn’t some impressive jamboree you throw on when occasion calls, it’s an embodiment of the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. In simpler terms, a way of life of a people which governs basically everything around them; from their belief system, attitude, ideals, morals, values and even religion. Culture plays an important role in bridging gaps – uniting and integrating us as humans, helping us understand other people’s perspective and imbibe the virtue of tolerance towards one another.

Abisola Munis
Abisola Munis

The richness of the Nigerian culture reflects in her multi socio-cultural diversity; boasting of over 1150 dialects, 250 ethnic groups with 527 languages spoken, no doubt, this important factor plays a major role in determining the quality of life we live as individuals and communities, including our overall well being.

That said, in order to continually promote co- existence, oneness and unity amongst ourselves, culture must be preserved. As part of efforts for the sustenance of the cultural heritage and traditions of the Nigerian people, so it doesn’t go extinct in the age of globalisation, regular language speaking and wearing of traditional attires is encouraged. More importantly, regular festivals and coronations take lead, so culture is passed from one generation to another.

Abisola Munis
Abisola Munis

Today, Duchess International Magazine celebrates Senior Special Assistant on Establishment to Lagos State House of Assembly Service Commission 1st and top Nigerian socialite, Munis Abisola who tomorrow Saturday, April 6 at the Palace King Court, Town Square, will be conferred with the title – Yeye Oge Okin.

Munis has over the years been a voice for the womenfolk, preaching equality and fairness.

Abisola Munis
Abisola Munis

The honourable affair will also mark the 15year Coronation Anniversary of Kabiyesi Oluitori, Olunla Agbodere Kinni.

Abisola Munis
Abisola Munis

Duchess International Magazine celebrates you Abisola Munis on your achievement!

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