WCW: Precious Tonna: Stitching Dreams, Shaping the Future of Fashion

by Joseph Omoniyi
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Precious Tonna is weaving her passion for design with a commitment to education. Fondly known as “Your Favourite Fashion Design Instructor”, “Corset Queen”, and “Trusted Fashion Upgrade Plug,” Precious is the force behind the flourishing Precious Apparel Fashion Academy (PAFA) and the nurturing mentor at Sew Naija in Calabar, Nigeria.

Precious’s affair with fashion began at a tender age of nine. Enamored by the rhythmic hum of sewing machines on her way to church, she declared her dream of becoming a tailor to her father. Despite the unconventional choice, she pursued her passion at the age of 15, learning under the guidance of Monsurat Adejare. A beating from her father, who aspired for her to be a lawyer, became a testament to the resilience she would carry into her future endeavors.

Her journey took an international twist when she became a disciple of Tatiana Kozorovitsky, a Russian fashion tutor and the creative mind behind Corset Academy Online Haute Couture Classes. Under Tatiana’s tutelage, Precious honed her skills in draping, corsetry, and luxury couture outfits, marking the beginning of her prowess in the niche world of corset design.

Embracing transformation in every stitch, Precious became a certified Transformational Reconstruction (TR) professional under the guidance of L’ecole Unique and TR Master Shingo Sato. Her commitment to continuous improvement led her to take professional courses on corsets and cage art with Aurora Sew, Dr. Clement Asemnyra, and other distinguished fashion tutors.

Education proved to be the cornerstone of Precious’s philosophy. Armed with a B.Sc. in International Studies and Political Science and an M.Sc. in Psychology, she shattered stereotypes that once confined fashion design to the realm of the illiterate. A certified content creator and creative writer, she found her voice beyond the sewing machine.

Her multifaceted talents extend to graphic design, a skill she acquired under the tutelage of Stan Nwaeze, her graphic design tutor and brand manager. Beyond the atelier, Precious finds joy in reading, research, photography, and travel, enriching her creativity from diverse sources.

For Precious, dreams are not mere fantasies but blueprints for action. With #project1billion, she envisions reaching and teaching one billion fashion enthusiasts globally, democratizing the art she holds dear. Her dreams stretch beyond borders, aspiring to establish her fashion academy in Moscow, a testament to the global impact she envisions.

“I don’t give up” is not just a mantra for Precious Tonna; it’s a thread woven into every creation and every lesson. As she stitches dreams into reality, her journey in the world of fashion and education continues to unfurl, one elegant seam at a time.

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