The thought has crossed more than one former bride’s mind every now and then…can I wear my wedding dress again? You LOVE how you look in it, plus it was probably the most expensive piece of clothing you ever purchased, but you find yourself without an excuse to put on that bridal gown once again. Spoiler: You’ve got one, and it happens every year. Millennial Love Expert and Brides.comcontributor, Samantha Burns, is a Relationship Counselor and Dating Coach working with couples to create love lives that thrive — and she plans to proudly put on her wedding dress every year. Here’s why.

As my husband and I wrapped up our wedding celebration, I did not want take off my dress. I had looked forward to the day for so long and couldn’t believe in a matter of hours it was over. It was in that moment that I turned to my husband and told him that I intended to wear my wedding dress for every anniversary as long as I could fit in it! I envisioned myself doing the activities we enjoy as a couple, frolicking around restaurants, parks, and ice cream shops in my white gown. As we embarked on our happily ever after, I felt giddy about the idea of celebrating each milestone with such a fun and sentimental tradition.