Women in Tech: Andela Offers Opportunity to Empower Women Through Technology

By Duchess Magazine

Andela is on a mission to revolutionize Africa through technology spearheaded by Africans. Andela was founded on the principle that brilliance is evenly distributed. “We believe that talent is gender neutral, and we’re thrilled to help build the world’s next generation of female tech leaders”.
At Andela, an organization of elite software developers based in Lagos and Nairobi, we believe women have a lot more to contribute to the future of computing, and this is why we are investing a lot of our resources in creating opportunities for Nigerian women in the technology industry. Despite the many challenges, we have been able to ensure that 17.5% of Andela’s software developers are female. But that is still short of our goals. To raise that number further, we’re building all female developer teams and supporting Women in Computing advocacy organizations including TechInPink and She Loves Code.

Andela welcomes ladies of all backgrounds and experiences — even those who have never seen or written a line of code themselves. Qualifications, though respected, are not required. What is required for admission into the organization is that the candidates be hardworking, detail oriented and have an interest in becoming developers.
Andela developer Yetunde Sanni had this to say: “Technology has stretched all over the globe. Africa is rapidly coming online and start-ups with a backbone of innovative ideas are increasingly being planted throughout the continent. Though we have a few women who are part of this but permit me to say more women are already driving down the road to future destination of innovation and technology. In a wink, we’ll be having more of Jessica Mathews and the rest.”
Andela is always recruiting so you can visit andela.com/apply to find out more.

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